weird drinks

In Germany, you can get a much more interesting variety of soft drinks compared to what I'm used to. Here are some of my opinions about them.

LAMATE Mint Flavour Mate Drink

It has a really nice herbal flavour, this isn't like toothpaste at all, it's very light and calming.

Very good price, and some caffeine too. Not too sweet. I could drink this a lot more. 9/10

Funky-T "Smokey Taste" Hemp Drink

There isn't much hemp in this. Or smokey taste.

It tastes a little bit of guava and there's a hit of tea at the bottom of the can. It isn't mixed well.

Very sweet. Nothing like the hemp drink I had in Austria, which tasted and looked like bong water. Not that I'd know anything about that.

I will be keeping the can so people think I'm cool and 90s. 4/20.